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Nursery Update 2

So we have made a lot of progress on his room! We have finished all the hard stuff, paint, wallpaper, etc.. now is the fun part! Decorating! Finally seeing his room come to life is so exciting.

Lets start with this Ikea shelf I decide to turn custom!

I am sure you are familiar with all of the Ikea hacks out there and how to make Ikea look custom. Well here is another one to try! I picked up this picture ledge for $15! The dimensions are a little to long for my space and the shorter options of this ledge are too short, so I decided to have Brandon cut it down to 36" instead of the 45" that it comes as. The 36" fits perfectly on the wall that I am planning for. Brandon said cutting this down was easy, it's made from MDF. He took it shorter on both sides so it didn't mess with the predrilled holes for the wall screws.

Well, you know I am not just going to leave it white. So I decided to paint it!

I painted it the same color as his walls, Sherwin Williams Halcyon Green. I wanted this shelf and space to have more of an intentional design behind it. Painting the shelf the same color as the wall not only makes the shelf look custom but it makes the shelf look like an extension of the wall.

So after a couple coats of paint and letting it dry I wanted to see how it looked. I love it!! I love the tone on tone and how custom it now looks. By the way, it did paint up well. It definitely needed a few good coats and I would certainly recommend a light sand or primer on it before if it is something that would be used a lot. But since this is just a shelf that will hold pictures and books I knew it wouldn't be "high traffic" so I was fine skipping some prep work.

I absolutely love how it turned out! Just another thoughtful detail that elevates the design!


Now we are working on painting his crib!

Here is the before...

So a little back story, this crib was mine when I was a baby. My parents found it in a barn and restored it and I used it. Then my Aunt used it for her son and painted it this green color. Well now it is mine to use for our son. We are painting it oil rubbed bronze to bring it back to what it used to be!

It is in such great shape so we decided to use Rust-Oleum Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint. It covered so well and the crib now looks refreshed!

I am waiting on the rug and other decor to arrive and then we are finished with his room! I cant wait to share the big reveal!




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