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DIY clouds

When I was getting inspired to create my concept board for our sons nursery I kept coming across photos that were really whimsical. That was a vibe I wanted to give to the room. With the cloud wallpaper I intend to hang on the ceiling I knew I had to get some clouds! Now I looked all over the place for a DIY and where to purchase clouds. Nothing really struck me. So I figured I would make my own.

Here are the supplies you'll need:

- Skewers (I used three in each)

- Foam ball or in my case an orange dollar store pumpkin

- Spray paint* (only if your foam ball isn't white - I sprayed my pumpkins white and the spray paint kind of ate through so I left them a little orange hued and figured I would just really have to cover them well with poly fill.)

- Poly-fil (I used one 12 oz bag for 3 clouds)

- Hot glue gun and plenty of glue sticks!

- Fishing wire

- Scissors

Here is how I created my clouds:

  1. I cut about an inch hole in the top of my ball. Mine happens to be hollow which is an advantage for me. If yours isn't I would suggest hollowing out at least an inch down.

  2. Next I poked my skewers through my ball. I used three and placed them at different lengths and heights to allow me to build my cloud into a more natural shape.

  3. This step is a little tricky. I took the skewer closest to the top (why you should have about an inch down hollowed) so you can tie the fishing wire to the skewer. This allows for you to hang your cloud and for it to be sturdy and straight. I left my line long (about two feet) until it is time for me to hang it so I have enough line to hang at the perfect height.

looks cute, right? hahah

4. Now is the final step. Heat that glue gun up and make sure you have plenty of glue sticks, I went through a lot! Start by just pulling your poly-fil out of the bag with no rhyme or reason. Apply the hot glue to the poly-fil and attach it to your object.

5. Continue all the way around the sphere - top, bottom, sides. Then start to add around the skewers. Shape your cloud as you desire. Make it whimsical. The idea is to remember this is a cloud not a cotton ball! Make them all different sized and shaped!

6. Once you hang your cloud you have an opportunity to pull on some of the poly fill to adjust the height and shape. Add more if needed.

Here is a quick video of how I made my cloud!

Happy DIY-ing! I think these clouds are such a fun backdrop not only for a nursery but a themed birthday, wedding or photoshoot! They add such a playful and whimsical touch. I cant wait to finish his room and hang them!



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