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Nursery Concept Board

So when I found out I was pregnant and heck even before, I had dreamed of designing a nursery. So what does ever woman do? Create a baby room Pinterest board! Follow my board here.

The possibilities can be endless when designing a nursery. You get a bit of whimsical creative liberty that you dont necessarily feel with other rooms. Yet I knew I always wanted the room to be an extension of our home with elevated style! I didn't want a space that screamed I am a baby boy or baby girl. I really didn't even want anything too baby-ish in the room, I crave a design that is transitional from birth to toddler age with heirloom pieces to treasure through adulthood. Thankfully I have a great base to start with. A room that is already set up for a nursery including a rocker, crib and dresser!

Before I knew what we were having I was really excited to do a little girls nursery. I am a bit more comfortable with a feminine style. Well to really challenge me and my design, we are having a boy! There really isn't a lot of inspiring boy nurseries out there to me. A lot are very "theme" based and it has been a bit of a challenge to create a space he can grow with.

Like anytime I am planning a room or design I really try to get inspired with colors, textures, the over all vibe of the room and start gathering some of my favorite pieces and ideas. I create a mood board of all the things I am loving and then start to piece the right things together. I did his about 10 times before I felt comfortable with the over all design idea. Colors changed, some of the ideas changed, I have other furniture options in place, but this allowed me to really visualize it before I made any purchases.


I knew I wanted to do something a bit different, ever since I saw the Cole & Son Nuvolette cloud wallpaper a couple years back I have been dying to use it. However, it is so pricy and I have design commitment issues. So I have been on the hunt for a dupe and have found something semi comparable. Its definitely no Nuvolette but at a fraction of the cost I can still get the look I am going for without compromising the rest of the design.

The wallpaper I chose will go on the ceiling! That was the initial start of my design, I knew I wanted that specific look. So the rest of my design had to follow from that. Its always good to have a starting point, whether that be a piece of furniture or artwork or overall style to design around.

Next for me was to pick out a color for his walls or more of a color scheme for his room.

So many colors to choose from all while trying to stay very neutral. For his walls we are going to add molding and I was originally going to keep them white until I stumbled across a few colors I couldn't shake out of my head.

The top color is Sherwin Williams Oakmoss, similar to Rosemary but it is definitely more green, and the bottom is Sherwin Williams Halcyon Green. I was torn. The two are completely different from each other and provide completely different vibes. The Oakmoss would be so rich and moody but I was afraid it would be too dark. The Halcyon Green is very muted and a bit of a chameleon color but I was afraid it looked to "baby boy".

Ok, well lets jump back to my starting point... the wallpaper! It is really what I am planning my design around so I needed to see which best complimented it.

To me its pretty obvious, Halcyon Green is the winner! With the cloud wallpapered ceiling and this paint color on the walls I think this room will look sophisticated yet tranquil and fresh. The beginning of a space I truly think can be transitional no matter the function.

We are getting started on his room this week! We have some labor to do first, hang crown molding, the wall molding, patch and fix some areas and update the outlets. But now with this design in the back of my head I can start ordering some of these pieces and keep my eye out for more unique options for his room. I am hoping to find a vintage mirror and maybe some artwork for his walls. We are giving ourselves a good two months to finish his room, which really is pretty quick, since we still have a lot of other on going projects. However, this space is small and a priority and I cant wait to share with you all the finished room!




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