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Nursery Reveal!

The time has finally come! I am so excited to have completed this project. It was a pretty big undertaking for being 6-8 months pregnant but every step of the way was completely worth it knowing that this sweet space is for our son. It's hard to believe that in just a few short weeks we will welcome him home. As much as designing this nursery has been for me, I truly do hope this space is comfortable and inspiring for our boy to grow up in. I hope its a space for him to grow into and call his own. I hope he knows the hard work and love his mom and dad have poured into it to make it special for him.

Ok before the water works start, let's take a look back at what this space used to be.

This space was a bit of a mess. It needed some major electrical work, plaster repair and wallpaper removal and more!


So since then we have updated this space with proper electric, repaired walls, added millwork and crown, fresh paint, restored the doors and added new wallpaper.

All we are missing is our little man!

We are so happy with how this space turned out. It is more than just a pretty design, its a room that is full of memories and many more to be created!




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