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June 22' - layered and loved

always find time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive

I welcome June with open arms! The start to a new season, summer. Long sun drenched days, dining al fresco, ice cream runs, bare feet and white wine. It is definitely a month where I try to start to slow down. Coming off of a very busy month, May, it is hard to relax and shake that go go go feeling. But, I hate being so busy and with such a full schedule. I find the joy in living much slower, with cooking, sleepy mornings with that extra cup of coffee, hot summer pool days with mid day movie naps. There really is something to be said about slowing down and savoring the good stuff.

On the radar this month:

19th Fathers Day - I have the coolest gift to give Brandon this year

20th My best friends 30th!

24th Joann Fabrics is having a Halloween photoshoot at our house!

- Farmers Markets on Fridays

- Make sun tea!

- Pick Strawberries & make strawberry ice cream

Projects on the horizon:

- Upstairs hall closet makeover. I am trying to hunt down the right dresser to retrofit and build in custom and I have my eyes on of course, wallpaper!

- Finishing the mudroom, WE ARE SO CLOSE. I am so excited to take a bath.

- I ordered some brick from Home Depot to add to two of our kitchen walls.. This idea just randomly came to me (the best kind) and now I am obsessing over adding a layered texture to the space. Stay tuned!

A few things I dont want to forget..

Brandon and I have been spending each morning walking 30 minutes, about a mile and a half, around our neighborhood. It has given us some much needed time together and to break a good sweat first thing in the morning!

Callan is walking!

It has been so dang hot, like record heat. Although its miserable during the day, we have taken to ending each evening with a night swim which has been just the best.

A few moments frozen in time from the past couple weeks..

Our David Austin Roses are blooming!

Callan's smash cupcake for turning 1!

Mudroom progress! So in love with how all of these details truly are coming together.

A little backyard impromptu photoshoot for our big little one year old!

Peony season in full bloom.

Little snippets from Callan's Hole in ONE first birthday party

What great memories we have made, I am forever grateful for this life and all that each season brings. Here is to another month full of celebrations and love!




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