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May | life lately

How in the world is it already May? I always remember my parents talking about how fast time goes and I never truly believed them until this year. Maybe it's becoming a parent, maybe it just comes with age but wow, time sure does fly. I couldn't be more excited to be here though -- a full month ahead with many celebrations.

2nd - Brandons Birthday

5th - Cinco de Mayo

7th - The Kentucky Derby

8th - Mothers Day (my first!)

26th - Callan's First Birthday

28th - A Hole in One Par-Tee!

Mixed into all of that fun we are endlessly trying to get our mudroom / bathroom renovation finished, clean out our garage, power wash and mulch and prepare for Callans Birthday. We have family coming into town, plenty of fun and excited projects on the horizon and the weather is so perfect.

I am trying to balance it all and soak in all these precious moments through the chaos.

Spring is certainly here - we did not get a late frost like we typically do so everything stayed in full bloom! We recently planted David Austin Roses and cannot wait to see how they grow this season. I planted all my sunflower and zinnia seeds so here's to hoping they grow!

Our Mudroom / Bathroom Reno is coming along. We are on the brick tile floor now and it is really starting to take shape. I can actually see a light at the end of this long 3 year project! Once the floor is in it is really down hill from here. Bathroom tile, hook up the toilet, sink and tub and finish all of the small trim work details and paint!

We opened our pool and I surprised Brandon with a floating golf green for his birthday! Probably should have waiting for the mudroom to get finished because now he really doesn't want to work LOL. I found this on the Grommet.. where you can literally find everything cool!

One of my most recent designs for a clients 4 seasons room. This entire design has made me want to take a beach vacation! What a cheerful space to relax in and make some of the best memories in. This is just a glimpse into what you get when you do an e-design with me.

I have been planning Callan's first birthday and it is going to be a golf theme. A Hole in One Par-Tee. I have had a lot of fun planning this and going a bit above and beyond but things like this really fill my cup. I will have to do a whole blog post on his party once it happens. Really hoping for beautiful weather!

We have been catching up on Ozarks, watched Pam & Tommy (its pretty sad actually) and watched the Girl From Plainville.. also very sad. I just realized that maybe we should insert some happy shows into our life.

Currently listening to my latest playlist

Rosé is chilling because spring just calls for it

The smell of fresh cut lilacs fill the room

and I am browsing VRBO listings for a Michigan getaway in the fall

Although life is busy, a lot of deadlines are missed, my hair is dirty and we haven't had a date night in forever... I wouldn't trade these days. These are the days I used to pray for and I am so very grateful for this season we are in.




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