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July 22' - & just like that

you can still find peace and grow in the wild of changing things

Hellllooooo July!

And just like that... we are officially half way though 2022.

On the radar this month:

4th The Fourth of July!

15th Where the Crawdads Sing movie comes out

- Many cookouts & pool parties!

- A visit to Autumn Rush Winery

- Check out the new High Banks Distillery in Gahanna

- Slowing down & savoring this summer

Projects on the horizon:

- Kitchen walls bricked

- Custom kitchen banquette

- Countertop shopping!

- Upstairs hall closet makeover!

- Brandon has high hopes to start in on our garage makeover and it is going to be so good!

I will *try* to document the entire process.

A few things worth noting:

In my June post I mentioned the awesome Fathers Day gift... Brandon loved it! I purchased him a new bocce ball set and my dad and I made him this bocce ball stand for the yard. And of course because I am so sentimental I engraved the wood!

Our mudroom/bathroom Reno is complete. Here is a little peak, my new corner crush. To have a utility sink is so dreamy, a space to wash my paint brushes, water plants, the opportunities are endless. I will try to compile an entire post with before and afters and sources.


Consider this your half year check in! I love to check in with myself frequently, I think it is so good to see where you are and how much you have grown in the past 6 months. You know how at the beginning of every new year we set new goals and intentions and about a month in it all goes out the window. Well now is your chance to really check in - how can you adjust if you fell off the wagon or how can you celebrate your victories? Time to set new goals, intentions and set yourself up for success for the last half of the year! Because before you know it... it is going to be another new year!

A little mood board to set the tone. A lot of neutrals, calming vibes, entertaining, project inspo and how I want the last half of 2022 to feel.

If you've been around here for a while you know I love to write letters to myself. now has an app! This makes it easy to write letters to your future self - include your goals, what you are working on right now and where you hope to see yourself. The app now makes it easy to add photos! A little time capsule sent into the future for a pleasant surprise that you can set at whatever time you hope to receive it! I love to send myself new year letters, half way through the year letters and then a letter on my birthday!

Speaking of new Apps. If you are like me and love to have your photos printed then you should download TimeShel. You can choose 10 or 30 prints to be shipped to your house each month! There is just something so nostalgic about a tangible photo. They are the perfect little size that I can toss a few on the coffee table, stick a magnet on the fridge and add to C's baby book. It takes the work out of remembering to order photos - just add your favorites and they automatically ship the happiness to your door!

A few tips -

Find a new scent whether it be a perfume or candle you light and let that fill your days.

Work on cleaning out your wardrobe and focus on intentional pieces - articles that can be layered, mixed and matched. As I've grown older I really know the styles I love to wear, what I feel comfortable in and what I go to grab most often. This makes getting ready easier.

Make your bed. I promise, the two minutes it takes is so worth it by the end of the day.

Split a bottle of wine with your favorite person.. at least once this month!

Find one new recipe to make. I am going to try the strawberry & cream cake I mentioned above. I will let you know how it is!

Create a new playlist and dance in your kitchen.

Put your phone down, watch the sunsets, take a deep breath and really enjoy the moment.

Have a happy July my friends




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