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hello, fall

here we are again welcoming a new season, fall.

It really is my favorite season, the crisp air, changing colors of the leaves, cozy soups on repeat. All the warm fall tones, shorter days and slower intentional celebrations. A little Inspo for this new season, soak up the days and make the most of f a l l.

Print this out, add your fall to do's and hang it on the fridge. Fall can come and go so quickly and it always feels like so many activities with so little fall to do them all. Stay organized and do the fun things you want to do this season with this simple customizable list!

Our Fall list will consist of some fun fall festivities like a trip to the pumpkin patch and carving, the Granville barn hop (oct. 13 & 14), celebrating our 7th anniversary!! A trip to the zoo (Callan's first time!), making his Halloween costume, Sunday Soups (every Sunday in the fall I make soup), plenty of trips to the park, slowing down and soaking in the most of this season.

So with a new season comes change and we are welcoming that with open arms! We have been keeping a little secret and are excited to announce our newest little love due at the end of March. It is not easy for us to conceive, each babe has taken some time, a lot of prayer and complete faith in the Lords timing and plans for us.

I am so excited to give Callan a sibling, although I know he has no clue how his little world is about to be rocked, I know he is going to be an amazing big brother!


On a weekly rotation is my homemade pot pie, a big favorite in our house. It is the perfect cozy dish for a cold fall day, add mashed potatoes to really make this a comfort dish!

I couldn't help but switch up my typical lattice style topping to these little ghosts for a festive look that my son seemed to really love.

Save this recipe, add it to your own rotation! Let me know if you make any changes, enjoy!


I don't know what it is about fall that makes me want to be in the kitchen or maybe its this pregnancy craving something sweet! I jumped into JoAnna Gaines cookbook vol. 2 to make these homemade oatmeal cream cookies. They are so simple and delicious!


As for decorations this year I decided to keep it pretty simple! We still need to take a trip to the pumpkin patch to fill the front steps with pumpkins and gourds. September really acted like it had somewhere to be so I have been a little unprepared for October and fall!

Cast Iron Sherwin Williams (dining room paint)

Salamander Benjamin Moore (office paint color)


We had a bittersweet moment taking Callan's crib out and replacing it with a big boy bed! He was so ready and needs the freedom to get up on his own but I am mourning my sweet little baby. It feels like just yesterday we brought him home and now he is growing up right before our eyes! It is so special to know the next time we set the crib up it'll be for our new baby. Savoring these fleeting moments and celebrating the change that comes with life.

I found this bed on Facebook Marketplace for $20 - solid wood and good condition, it just needed a makeover! I painted it Salamander by Benjamin Moore because I had a lot leftover and I loved the idea of pulling a darker green from his rug. My sentimental mama heart cant believe I am looking at the bed that he will sleep in for many years to come as he grows into a little boy and then a teenager! I am going to blame these pregnancy hormones for being all in my feelings lately.


Well, October will drift into November and then shortly into December. These last three months are always so full, full of celebration, activities and memories. I am going to slow down and soak in these days, hug my son, embrace this pregnancy, get creative and work with my hands, sprinkle in some date nights and really make the most of the rest of 2023. Enjoy this season my friends.


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