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November 22' | look at all those beautiful things

Take a step back today. Look at all those beautiful things you have.

Happy November! What a great quote to start off November, the month of gratitude and giving thanks. I think with the holidays on the horizon its easy to get lost in all the things we "want" and all the things we "dont have" and I am talking materialistic. But, when we really do take a step back we can see all the beautiful things we already have. Adjusting your perspective is so good for the mind and soul. Check in with where you are and how you are feeding your mind. Give thanks for your health, your mind and all those who surround you and love you! Thats right there is a lot to give thanks for.

A little November Inspo.

With the leaves falling and all the green turning brown I long for these deep rich earth tones.

November is a slower month, with the time change and the days getting shorter it is a month to really cozy in and enjoy the slower pace.

On the radar this month:

- Christmas photos at our house for photographers

- Mat Kearney concert

- Hosting Thanksgiving

My absolute favorite holiday - I think since it truly is a time to gather your friends and family, sit down and enjoy a meal together with no gift expectations or things to do, Thanksgiving feels like such a genuine holiday. Slowing down, being grateful and surrounding yourself with family and friends.

Projects on the horizon:


Believe it or not we are kinnnd of taking this month off. We just came off a very busy month and feel such a burn out. Its important to take a step back and make sure you aren't over doing it and that you still take time to relax and enjoy life! So November, thats what you will be.

A few things I dont want to forget..

Our sweet getaway to Northern Michigan - memories I will never forget.

Early rainy morning pancake making

Halloween and the wedding we hosted this year

Here is to another great month and to all the sweet memories made in the last month - holding tight to these days.


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