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April 2023

There are always flowers for those who want to see them

Happy Spring and Happy April!

So glad to be here in this new season, this fresh beginning. I love spring, a time for cleansing and starting new, a time for growth and great change. Everything starts to turn green, the days are becoming longer and the sun is shinning more! There is so much to be grateful for and so much to do in this season. Our plates are very full with the building project but one thing Brandon and I promised each other during this "busy" season, we always want to put our family first. Creating a balanced life is hard, to-do lists get longer and slowing down seems impossible. But my goodness it is so important. The building can wait if that means spending quality time together, rest days are crucial and this time with Callan is fleeting. We dont want to be working so hard we miss our life. I think thats a common goal for everyone but truthfully its hard to do. I think by prioritizing, setting plans and goals it can help lead to a more balanced life. I love to work by the seasons, plan and set my goals seasonally. Your year is essentially broken into quarters- spring, summer, fall and winter. This makes planning less overwhelming and lets you focus on the season in front of you.

Don't let another day, month or season go by without enjoying every bit of it. Work can wait. Life won't.

So open the windows, clean house, blast the music (check out my spring playlist here) light a candle, make a refreshing drink, run around barefoot, get your hands dirty and soak up all that spring has to offer!

Here is a little April inspo

A spring to-do list

And for you to make your own Spring Bucket List! Print this out, fill it out and stick it on your fridge! This gives you a chance to do those things you have been wanting to do!

My Spring is going to look a little something like this:


- Need to get my hands on the latest Feel Free magazine by Leanne Ford. It is such an inspiring magazine and I am hoping to carry it once we are open!

- Easter celebration

Here is a glimpse at our menu

I wanted to have a fancier Easter brunch this year and I am excited about this menu. I love to curate a full menu with complimentary dishes and decorate my table to match. It's the little things like this in life that are worth celebrating!

So let us know -- let us press on to know the Lord. As surely as the sun rises, He will appear; He will come to us like the rain, like the spring showers that water the Earth.

Have a wonderful Easter!


More progress on the building is in store and working on all the logistics for the business.

Speaking of - I have yet to announce officially that we landed on a name for the cocktail lounge. It is.. The Dorsten! A little story on how we decided upon that name - My great-grandmother Amelia Kennedy, her maiden name was Dorsten. She lived through the Prohibition Era and The Great Depression. A strong woman who rode motorcycles but also loved to garden and grow peonies. Thinking more about her last name I did some research and discovered that Dorst means a physical need/desire to drink. It felt right and so it is, The Dorsten.

With Earth day around the corner I have plans to plant all my seeds! The usual sunflower and zinnia combination and sweet alyssum. I love the smell of the alyssum and how it takes over our beds! Going to age some terra-cotta pots and fill with some gem boxwoods - I will probably do a tutorial on this over on my projectonmain instagram!

Last years sunflowers & alyssum

- Some deep spring cleaning of the house and much needed organizing

- Prepping the yard, cleaning and decorating the front porch

- Hosting a ladies luncheon



A month full of celebrations with

- Brandon's Birthday

- Granville Spring Barn Hop

- The Kentucky Derby

- Mothers Day

- Springfield Extravaganza

- Callan's 2nd Birthday!

- The usual Memorial Day pool party and cookout

- Buying flowers to plant for our front porch and back patio

- We are hosting Brandon's sweet cousin and her fiancé's engagement party

And I'm sure a lot of work on the building, per usual.



Hoping this month will hold a lot of pool days, the kick off to summer (making summer plans!) and really working hard on the building.

The farmers market starts, ice cream is on weekly rotation, shoes are optional and soaking up the sunshine is mandatory!

- Fathers day celebration

- My bestie is turning 31!

Some projects on my radar:

Refinishing some desks I purchased on marketplace for Reverie.

Lamp makeovers with the thrifted lamps I purchased.

Finishing the dining room.

Styling and finishing our bedroom.

Working on landscaping and flowers!

Finalizing the design for The Dorsten & Reverie

annnnnd honestly a million more because my project list is forever long and I continue to add to it.

Snaps of late:

Bookkeeping from the 60's we found in the attic of the building

New roof going on!

The ceiling is coming down and oak joists are being exposed!

Our cozy bedroom

my new corner crush

Our freshly painted dining room

Paint color is Sherwin Williams - Cast Iron

This bird bath at Hope Timber Garden Center im swooning over

Some fresh spring blooms! I dropped the ball on planting my tulip bulbs last falls so here's to hoping I can cut some from my garden next spring!

A few recipes I want to try out:

This spin on a mimosa! Trying this for Easter.

Drooling over this comforting dish!

And I am most definitely going to have Brandon make this ice cream.

As I type this I cannot believe we are already in the month of April and in a new season! I am excited to see what this month and spring will bring.

with alllll my love, dive into this season and soak up all it has to offer!


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