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Hello Fall

I have been dying to learn how to make cinnamon rolls so I am going to try this recipe.

I also stumbled upon this Ricotta Gnocchi dish and it just seems like such a yummy and comforting dish, perfect for fall! What are some of your favorite fall go-to meals or drinks?

A few of my fall favorites and essentials to this season.

Now that I am a mom and a bit older, I have really gained confidence in my wardrobe. I try to stay away from the trends and focus on the things that I enjoy to wear. What do I feel most confident and comfrotable in? I love a good pair of denim, a basic T and easy to slide on shoes.

For fall - I am all about the layers, overalls, basic Ts a button up sweater or flannel. Toss on a hat and slip on my vans and im out the door!

I will say though - there are trends i do love and invest in if I feel like it will age well. Example - infinity jewelry, have you heard of it?? You pick out the chain you want, they measure your wrist and then attach the chain without a clasp so the chain stays on your wrist until you decide to have it removed. I love this. I love a dainty chain that I can always have on! I am so excited to go get this - if you are local, Red Giraffe is now doing it!

My polaroid camera is a must have. An easy way to capture the sweetest moments and have a tangible photograph to store away or display! If you are looking for another really great way to print off photos, check out the app Timeshel! Ive talked about it before and I have done it for 3 months now and love it. Essentially you pick a package (amount of photos/price) upload photos for the month and they ship the photos directly to your door. Its like my top moments of the month sent to me and stored in a cute little envelope.

You know my love for R.Riveter. I love this little bag design and I have my eyes on this leather cutie. The color is perfect and the texture the snake skin adds is great for fall.

My mom always buys me this candle for fall. It is so strong (in a good way) and fills our entire house with the best fall scent. Once the candle has burned completely I love the vessel it is in for storage!

And as always - a great matte lipstick. I have been wearing nude a lot but i am excited to have a minimal makeup and a pop of a bolder lip for the season.

Save this to your desktop, print it off and fill it out with all of the things you want to do this fall! Stick it in plain sight like your refrigerator so you can remember to do all the fall fun activities. This is always my favorite way of filling in our calendar with the things we love to do with each season.

My fall mantra is search for soul in everything - I love this. Sums up slowing down, making the most of every moment and truly soaking it all in. Soul, I hear that word and think of old wise people who have lived and truly know the meaning of life and thats the type of living I want to do. Live, not miss these days. So for this season ... Search for the soul in everything.

We are starting Fall off with a bang and headed up to Michigan for a little fall getaway. We absolutely love Northern Michigan in almost every season but fall really is something special. I will most likely share all the details once we are home but I made a new playlist for the ride up - check it out. It hits all the fall feels.

So cheers to a new season, my favorite one, Fall! Enjoy these days, make all the memories, dance in your kitchen, try new things and soak it in! I hope my little fall newsletter has you excited for this season - let me know what you like to do when you think of Fall!


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