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Design ✨

I have been so busy with design and I am beyond grateful for the work that has come my way in the last year and a half. I realized I haven't shared much of my designs or process and I thought I would compile some of my favorites into a post for a glimpse into my design world. Most clients are looking for a direction, to help bring their vision to life, to source furniture, decor and fixtures within their budget. Floor plans and layouts are also important, to shed light on a new way of arranging to really maximize the space and flow well for their lifestyle. I absolutely love to get to know my clients, how they live and how they want to feel at home.

Take a peak at the mood boards I have created for my client projects.

The Vintage Revival

I love mixing the old with the new, layering textures, patterns and lighting. Using raw material so it patinas over time to tell a story.

New Build Love

Modern, yet soft. Masculine, yet feminine. The balance of warmth in a new construction home.

New Home Retreat

A home with character that needs a personal stamp.

As you can see with those 3 designs I have a distinct flavor. Timeless materials, muted colors, layered patterns and mixed hardware finishes.

The Sunshine Room

A four seasons room flooded with light with a coastal vibe.

Here is an example of a mood board, concept and overall visual.

Poolside Paradise

A little twist on the average outdoor space with warm coastal tones to allow for the blue hue of the pool and green landscaping to be the backdrop

Fresh Beginning

A peak into a few spaces that were in need of a refresh.

Boho Charmer

Same overall style with different options. I love to give options to allow my clients to really feel like they are in control, give them ideas at different price points and how just a few small changes can make big impacts.

Farmhouse Fixer

Cozy, warm and inviting - bringing an entire mood to a home already boasting with character.

Just a little glimpse into some of my projects. Floor plans, sources and a deeper dive into the design is included with site visits and measurements in most of these packages. I am conscious of cost and mindful of staying in budget and the lack of practicality of furnishing an entire new space. These mood boards and concepts help guide my clients at their own pace.

I love working with different styles and pushing my boundaries. I am not afraid of bold, I love a good neutral but most importantly I love delivering custom projects to my wonderful clients based on their needs, lifestyle and budget!

Which mood board / room is your favorite?

As always, thanks for being here and cheering on my small corner of the Internet.


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