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Foyer Reveal!

We turned our foyer into a foyay!


Here is a little before of this space

And drum roll please.....


Pretty much the entire space was transformed. From the front doors, to the ceiling, to the floors, we renovated with respect! We really wanted to make this a grand entrance to set the tone of the house when you first enter. It's always so important for us to stay true to the character and age of our home. It took time for this space to be completed but now that it is we love it so much! We hope that with every guest we have over, they feel welcomed and the love we've put into our home.


We has some gnarly textured ceiling we decided to cover up with a tongue and groove planking. This project was really simple over all and brought such a great impact to this small space. Just one tip - stain before you put up! We didn't and it made for a neck breaking task.

We needed to apply a couple coats to get the desired look we wanted. We then added crown molding to finish it off!

Our next big project was the installation of our new doors! The door we had previously was a single door that was rather wide with a side window. Like many historic homes they tend to have double entry doors and I knew thats exactly what we needed to have! The opening size didn't have to change and we were able to add these gorgeous double entry doors. They provide so much light into our foyer and when the weather is nice we can open them both up and let a breeze in!

Our hardware I hand picked from House of Antique Hardware. I wanted something timeless yet with a vintage twist and I think the glass knobs and brass do just that! They are an Emtek product and we have been very pleased so far. Hardware is the jewelry of your home and taking the extra step to make it sparkle really matters!

We had been so inspired in Charleston, SC with their old charm and wanted to incorporate that into our home. I think that our homes should tell a story of our life. Our travels, memories, love and experience. Well this beautiful home in Charleston was my inspo for our foyer floors.

It took me over 6 months to find the right flooring that I wanted that we could afford and that was durable. Most things I stumbled upon was marble which I couldn't swallow the price tag with the maintenance that it brings especially in a high traffic area. Slate flooring but then I had a hard time with the white. The sizing and the thickness on some products weren't matching up. Some tiles didn't have enough veining in them, some were too shiny. I am telling you, this was a harder task than I anticipated. A good 8 samples or so later... I finally came across the perfect tile for us! It is porcelain so the durability is great. It has a matte finish. Both the white and the black tiles had enough texture and pattern to make them look "old world". BUT of course there was a problem... The black tiles were 13" and the white tiles were 11.85". Sweet Brandon. He cut down all the black tiles to make them the perfect size to match the white tiles and then baby, we were in business!

Some other things we did to this space was change the light fixture, add wainscoting to the walls and painted!

Although this space is fairly small, it has a big impact. With it being one of the first rooms that welcome you into our home we wanted it to sing with character. Overall this space took us about two years to transform from start to finish. Sometimes projects take longer than expected but it is always worth it in the end.


Wall color: Bistro White by Valspar

Prints are vintage

Doors: Pella

Hardware: House of Antique Hardware they have the best customer service and we had all our exterior locks to be keyed the same!

Light Fixture: Pottery Barn (our exact one is no longer sold)

Stain we used for the ceiling: Minwax Dark Walnut

Floor Tile: White / Black with a dark gray grout




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