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a new season | FALL

autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let go

The time has come to welcome a new season, fall. From September 22 through December 21 we celebrate fall. This season is cozy flannels next to the fire, mulled wine and comfort food. Pumpkins and giving thanks. Crunchy leaves and crisp air. Fall is a beginning of recognizing the beauty in change.

So here is your little inspo guide to Fall and how to really embrace this season for what it is and all that it offers!

I encourage you to make your own Fall "to do" list full of fun fall activities! Here is just a small glimpse into some of the things we hope to do in the next 90 days! I also made this printable for you to fill out and cross off! Celebrate each day, choose to live in joy and be intentional with your time, space and energy!

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1. sunglasses 2. shoes 3. perfume 4. hat 5. pants

9. candle 10. purse 11. blush 12. wine

Ok I am loving these super fun and affordable retro sunglasses for fall! I feel like they are perfect because Fall isn't necessarily super sunny but the overcast sky can still be bright and you need a bit of shade.

Smell is the #1 trigger to memory and like I talked about in my post here, I switch up my perfume with the seasons. Fall welcomes Elizabeth & James Nirvana Black, this perfume is the one Brandon bought me for our wedding so naturally it reminds me of this season and the sweet memories it holds.

A classic beanie for fall to cover those "need to wash my hair" days and keep my head and ears toasty on crisp morning walks!

This denim jacket is so cute and really affordable, I love the vintage look it gives.

I am dying to try this newest candle scent from anthro plus I love the vessel it comes in.

Not only do I switch up my perfume with the seasons but I like to switch up some of my makeup too. Making my blush a bit warmer and less summer pink helps match the warmth of autumn colors.

Annnnd naturally my go to red wine. This is such an easy drinker and a price point of like $14. I love using this wine for a warm mulled wine on those chilly evenings. I purchase the mulled wine spice bags from Rockside Winery and toss it all in the crockpot.

Two of my favorite cozy dishes to make on those rainy cold fall nights to enjoy next to the fire.

I came across this cocktail recipe and I am dying to try it! Anything that adds a splash of champagne is always a win for me.

A few of my favorite things about fall are...

- the smell of the fallen turned leaves

- pumpkin patches

- sweaters and layers

- wine by the fireplace

- house windows open to a fresh breeze

- chilly evening walks

- comfort foods

- fall scented candles

- a dark lip

Fall, you are my absolute favorite. Cheers to a new season, 90 cozy days of burnt orange leaves, pumpkins and football! I hope you also have a great season full of fun and new memories!




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