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9.21 elevating the everyday

sometimes things wont make sense and thats totally okay because God is still in control and is working all things for good, trust in his character and his timing


Happy September!

A new season is on the horizon. Summer has officially worn its welcome with me. I am full on fall mode now that the nights are a bit crisp and the pumpkin patch is on the verge of opening. Fall is one of my favorite seasons yet typically seems so short lived. Although I am a huge advocate of trying to live in the moment and take each day as it comes, I am also a huge planner which puts me in a tough spot most creative days. Its the balance of knowing I am right where I need to be but being excited for the next thing. Typically in this small "season" of in between, the waiting, I can feel anxious and restless and things dont make sense. I have an urge to be here one moment and there the next. I stumbled upon the quote I picked for September and found it to be fitting. I know we all can feel pressure to feel the next thing, get excited for the next season .. that hasn't even arrived, and completely miss out on the last moments of the season you are in. #guilty.

So, even though half way through this month a new season begins (which to many might not make a difference but I live by the seasons - new goals, switch up in decor and wardrobe, a total change up) * read about my seasons here.

I am going to try something new, the first half of the month I am living in summer and holding on to the last days, the last half, once Fall officially beings, I will allow myself to shift into a new season. Trusting God's timing, knowing that with each day, each season we are in, he is doing all things for good.

Things to celebrate this month:

6 Labor Day

22 First Day of Fall

Just for fun:

5 National Cheese Pizza Day

13 International chocolate day

16 National Guacamole Day

18 Oktoberfest

29 National Coffee Day


Wine down weekend

Blue Barn Mum sale

Apple Picking

Pumpkin Patch opens

This is what my September agenda looks like...

First half *summer*

- Labor Day cookout pool party

- picnic at the park

- wine down weekend *see previous posts here* this year will look a little different but we will still celebrate!

- football kick off

- work on office makeover

- finish outdoor projects *hopefully*

Second half *fall*

- repot all of my house plants and give them a good fertilize

- deep clean the house

- pull out halloween and fall decor

- go to the pumpkin patch

- make a spiked cider

- family photos to prepare for holiday card

Inspo for the month

September is a fickle month, a toss between the end of summer and beginning of fall. I love the mix of the two seasons colliding. Enjoy being in this very moment friends, what is to come will come.




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