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seasons | IN NATURE & OF LIFE

Every season is one of becoming, but not always one of blooming. Be gracious with your ever-evolving self

Seasons, I love them, even with my love hate relationship with Ohio. I do wish for warmer days in the winter and cooler days in the summer. I wish I lived closer to the beach or could wear a light jacket all year, I wish I could see flowers bloom longer. But, if that were the case I would miss out on the beautiful change of seasons. I would miss out on the changing colors of the leaves, the blanket of snow that covers the ground, the gray rainy April and the long summer days that end with cotton candy color sky's.

I long for the different seasons. It is an excuse for me to shift myself. Metaphorically I look at it as a change in seasons of my own life too, which helps me grow.

With every season I shift my life with different inspiration. This will set the tone for the way I dress, the way I cook, the way I spend my free time, the way our house is decorated. It's like I get to be 4 different versions of myself in one year. Winter brings a lot of red wine, comfort soups, crafts and early night movies, over sized sweaters and games by the fire. Spring brings rain coats, braided hair, white wine with cold salads and flowers, a feeling of a fresh start, dirty gardening hands and crisp early mornings. Summer is a season of long sun drenched days, tan lines and bare feet, picnics and a lot of grilled food, cold beers, country music and ice cream runs. Fall, my favorite, is a reminder that things do not bloom all year, a time to shift and layer with harvest and good company, cold bon fire nights and antique hunting.

I love the contrast that each season brings. It is so inspiring to be able to live differently throughout the year.

So with each new season I am going to post my thoughts on it. My favorite things to do, the different celebrations and how to embrace the season before us. We all have that favorite season and the one we hope goes by quick but regardless they always come. Its so important to be able to enjoy each season as they are, that is what gives us time to plant those seeds in our own life and bloom when it is time. Each season prepares us for where it is going, why the last one had to end and what to look forward to for the next one coming. Let it ground you in the truth that every single shifting season brings new life with it. Another chance. An experience you are here for.

Be aware of what season you are in and give yourself the grace to be there

So when a new season rolls around be on the look out for my post full of inspiration on how to fully embrace and celebrate each one. Subscribe to my emails and it will directly be sent to your inbox at the start of each new season!




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