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7 months

7 blissful months

This has been the sweetest blessing and I know the best is still to come. No one can prepare you for pregnancy and the 9 month journey you embark on. So many things are constantly changing, your body, emotions, energy all to change again once the baby arrives.

Change is the only constant.

Everyday the love for my son and my husband grows.

All I know is the heartburn, insomnia, uncomfortable clothing is all worth it. And this is only temporary. It is a season that I will never get back. If we are blessed to have another child I will be able to experience this all over, but it still won't be the same. This is sacred. A time just me and my husband get to have and cherish. I am trying to slow down and enjoy these moments. Stillness, quietness, freedom. It is all going to change, forever. It is a really bittersweet feeling to have. I am so excited for our family to grow, I am so excited to meet our son and raise him, I am so excited for these changes. But in all honesty, I am also a bit fearful. This life that I have known and been used to for so long is now about to change in a way I cant even begin to imagine. Its so beautiful, yet nerve wracking. I couldn't be more grateful for this. To experience pregnancy, to carry our son and feel his kicks, to grow not only physically but emotionally and mentally. I thank God for this incredible blessing and all that is to come!

So here is to the last two months of being pregnant and carrying this sweet boy. Although I am so excited to meet him, I am patiently enjoying this season.




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