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A bundle of joy

We are having a baby!

Here is a little recap of our journey to pregnancy!

We had been trying for almost 3 years! Countless doctor appointments, checks, medications, etc. We did a lot of trying and no success. I truly believe in Gods timing and this was perfect in every way. I dont look back with sorrow on those trying times, it was a time for us to grow closer and experience struggle and heartache. I really do feel so happy with how we got here, we have a greater appreciation for each other and life. For all you mommas and dads still trying, dont give up hope and keep that faith.

Gods plans and timing are greater than yours and just trust in that.

Flash to September 6, 2020. Two pink lines. I never thought this day would come. I couldn't believe my eyes! Brandon was away on a golf tournament so I had the whole day to myself to take 4 more tests and freak out with excitement! I wasn't sure how late he would get home so I didn't want to tell him that night, plus I had to concoct the perfect surprise! If you know Brandon, he loves pizza, like a crazy amount of love. So what better way to tell him than on a pizza? I spent way too much time cutting pepperonis into letters to spell out "you're gonna be a dad".

The following day I poured a glass of wine like usual, just to make sure I don't throw him off. We played a movie on the tv and I put the pizza in the oven.

When the timer went off I looked at him and asked if he would go get the pizza out of the oven...

I was soo nervous and excited for his reaction!

Our first ultrasound fell on our 3 year anniversary, again another Gods timing is perfect moment. It was the most beautiful thing to experience and see the little heartbeat.

"Another room renovation, our most important one yet!"

This journey so far has been such an incredible experience. I felt nauseous through my first trimester but I never got sick. I crave all the slaty foods and carbs! All the old wives tales are leaning toward a boy.. but we shall see!


Well a day before my birthday we went to have a 3D ultrasound done to find out the gender...

its a ...


we are so overwhelmed with Gods love and excitement for this little one.


kasey & brandon


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