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6.21 elevating the everyday

may the flowers remind us why the rain was necessary


After a month of slowing down and playing the waiting game we are finally here in a new month and settling into our life as mom and dad. We are working on getting used to the swing of things, finding our own new schedules and getting to know Callan. This has been the best time of our lives. We are tired, my body hurts, nothing really fits but our hearts are so full.

With a new month comes new celebrations and wonderful things to look forward to. I am trying to keep my expectations low for all that I want to do and remember to soak up and cherish this fleeting time.

Things to celebrate this month:

20 Fathers Day + the first day of summer

Just for fun:

4 National Donut Day

10 National Ice Tea Day

14 National Bourbon Day

*clearly a Brandon favorite*


4 Pataskala Farmers Market begins

*Seek-No-Further Cidery in Granville to open

*Strawberry picking at Hendren Farm in Johnstown

Now that we have a baby life is a constant adjustment. I am focused on healing, spending time with my son and really enjoying these sweet moments. But, I am itching for a good diy, cooking and feeling back to "normal" again. Here is what my June agenda looks like...

- have a cookout pool party

- morning walks to the coffee shop

- stroll to the farmers market on Friday nights

- enjoy some wine and take Cal to the vineyard

- make sun ice tea

- diy cyanotype paper project

- start in on my office makeover in anticipation of going back to work*

- finish + list #projectongibson

- a lot of front porch rockin on those perfect summer nights

- enjoy a classic old fashion made by Brandon!

- strawberry picking in Johnstown

- make our own ice cream!

I am completely looking forward to celebrating Brandon's first Father's Day. I love celebrating everyday life but when it comes to big moments like this I really enjoy making it as special as possible. Do you have any big plans or traditions? I have a feeling this year brings on a lot of new traditions for our family.

Inspo for the month

The pool is open and warm enough for a swim, all things are blooming... its peony season and summer is in full swing! Sending you good vibes for a happy, fun filled June!




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