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5.21 elevating the everyday

everything, in time.

It is baby month! I cannot believe we have made it to this point. There is a lot leading up to the last month and now that it is here I am so anxious and impatiently waiting his arrival. I have decided to try to let go of my control and trust in God's plan and timing for our babe to come. Thus, everything, in time. It will come.

Things to celebrate this month:

1 147th Kentucky Derby

2 Brandon's Birthday

*the big 31 - last year was squashed by covid so I have big plans for this year*

5 Cinco De Mayo

9 Mothers Day

18 Baby's Due Date

31 Memorial Day

Just for fun:

25 National Wine Day *celebrating with a long awaited glass if he has arrived*

28 National Burger Day


7-8 Granville Barn Hop

*truly a favorite of mine to snag some great vintage pieces and get inspired*

Since this is "baby month" and I am totally feeling all of 9 months pregnant I am going to try to relax and not overload my to do list. I am lowering my expectations of what I can get done and am trying to spend more down time, especially with Brandon. However, if I can get around to these things here is what is on my May agenda...

- deep clean the house

- arrange and order prints (finish gallery wall - this requires a trip to ikea)

- catch up on all laundry

- plant flowers in garden boxes

- work on design for a client

- prep for the next month ahead!

Inspo for the month

In May things are starting to bud and slowly begin to bloom, there are many rain showers and the landscape is blanketed with a fresh new green that has finally submerged from a long cold winter.




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