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Orzo Tomato Basil Soup

With the nights dropping in temps I am gravitating toward warm comfort dishes like this soup! Warm up with this easy, no immersion blender necessary, tomato soup! Finished in about 50 minutes you'll enjoy a creamy tomato soup with bits of orzo to fill you up! Guarantee to make the whole house smell delicious, this is one of my favorite go to recipes on those chilly fall evenings.


I use white onion, feel free to use yellow. I chop mine very very finely because I am not a huge fan of large chunks of onion in my soup.

I use dried basil out of convenience, feel free to use fresh basil, chopped.

I use already minced garlic but if you use fresh its about 3 cloves.

Homemade chicken broth is the best, if not able I grab the bone broth because it serves more flavor!

Cook the orzo to al dente, they will continue to cook and swell up in the soup! 1/2 cup is plenty, you can add more if you really want a heavy orzo base.

What better than grilled cheese on the side of your tomato soup? In the last 8 minutes go ahead and start making your grilled cheese. Our go to is smoked gouda and the laughing cow spreadable cheese... makes for a very creamy sandwich!

Skip the grilled cheese and shred some cheese on top to make it extra creamy!

This recipes yields about 4-6 servings. Double it for a crowd or if its just two of you, cut the recipe in half! This soup doesn't keep well since the orzo tends to soak up the soup.

Hope this recipe is simple and warms your belly!





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