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October 22' | enjoy where you are

Don't miss it, your life. Enjoy where you are.

Feels so fitting for this month and season. Deep in the thick of a very busy season with the holidays on the horizon and plenty of activities to keep us busy I want to keep perspective on the things that matter most and to enjoy right where I am. I realize how quickly time goes and its true, dont get wrapped up in what is next or planning for the future.. or caught up on what happened yesterday or youll miss it. Youll miss your life. And that is something I am not in the mood to do. I want to always look back and know I truly lived and soaked in every moment and season. I think that is mainly why I started this space to document and share this with others in hope they do the same and it holds me accountable, it reminds me constantly what is important and how to live this life with intention.

A little October Inspo.

Full of black and white, a dose of spooky and moody. October is full on Fall and there is always so much to fill the calendar with.

On the radar this month:

- Returning from our vacation to Michigan

- Celebrating out 5 year Anniversary!

- Granville Barn Hop 21-22!

- Go to Pigeon Roost Pumpkin Patch

- Host a wedding at our home on Halloween!

- Seek No Further Cidery

- Mulled wine at Rockside Winery

Projects on the horizon:

- Hustling to get our garage in shape for the wedding which includes painting the exterior! Looking at getting a paint sprayer for this project and I am so excited because it will be painted a gorgeous dark green!

- We had full intentions to finish up our kitchen before vaca but life happens so we are back at it and going to finish it up this first part of October

- And believe it or not.. thats it! October is our favorite month and we are already so busy with all the fun things that we really want to slow down and soak it all up.

A few things I dont want to forget..

A little snippet from our sunrise photoshoot - it was the perfect mix of cloudy skies and soft muted colors. I cannot wait to see how the entire session turned out and to share them!

The start of Fall activities which included a trip to Hendren to pick our pumpkins!

Just a little glimpse into some fall decorating and a little corner crush of the moment.

October, I cant wait to create many memories to forever cherish. Heres to beautiful weather, happy days and lots of love.


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