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Front porch sittin'

Living right on Main St. I think it is pretty important to have some good curb appeal and a nice front porch. Well lucky for us we have the porch but we are still working on that curb appeal! I do think this impromptu front porch redo has really helped give it some more charm!

So let me back up. We had zero intentions of starting this project when we did. I had purchased some antique spindles a couple months back and sketched up this drawing for a new porch swing. I presented the plan to my dad and husband and they brought life to my dream! Well, when it came time to hang the porch swing we ran into an issue with make sure it was in the right spot. Our entire house, porch included, has been covered in vinyl siding. We have always wanted to remove the vinyl and restore the old wood siding... but thats a bigger and more expensive job for another time! So to do this right the first time around we decided to remove the vinyl ceiling to get the porch swing hung.

Here is the before. House covered in vinyl.
Here is the before. Porch covered in vinyl.

If you know us, we cant just stop there. Oh whyyyy cant we just stop there sometimes?! We took all the siding off of the porch which uncovered the beautiful old wood siding but also led to some serious work. It took us about a month from start to finish to get this project complete. Honestly, that was pretty quick for us but with the warmer weather upon us we really wanted to enjoy the front porch and we had the pressure of being right on Main St!

All vinyl removed. Porch swing up!

We had to remove all the nails from the siding, patch all the holes and sand! We had areas to fill with spray foam, add trim and patch. We needed to redo the front door header, trim and all the trim around the windows. We also added crown moulding to fill a gap and add an extra design element! Primed the entire porch twice, painted the siding and the ceiling! A lot of cleaning and then the decorating could begin!

We love how this turned out and enjoy spending time on our porch. It is so important for us to restore our home and bring it back to its original beauty. We still have plans to remove the rest of our vinyl and paint our home but until then we will just enjoy the sweet original character we uncovered here!

If you want to see more behind the scenes, hop on over to my Instagram and watch the front porch highlight!


Exterior paint color: Bistro White Valspar

Ceiling color: Waterscape Sherwin Williams




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