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DIY yarn tree

Want a simple festive DIY?

These trees take only a few supplies, most you probably have laying around your house, and creates a cute piece of decor. Make it, frame it, gift it!

So here are some supplies you'll need :

- Yarn (I chose two colors, green and white)

- Scissors

- Card (credit card, drivers license, gift card)

- Hot glue gun

- Stick, yes a stick - go forge your yard for the best looking sticks!

- Paper for the background (I used stripes, polka dots, checkered - get creative!)


- Frame

- Berries or other decor for your tree

Step one:

Wrap your yarn around your card approx. 20 times and then snip it.

You may do this with your card short or long ways, depending on the size tassel you want to create!

Step two:

Cut about a 3-4" piece of yarn

Step three:

Carefully slide your yarn off the card and use your piece of yarn to tie it together about 3/4 the way up. This will leave a small top creating a tassel look.

Step four:

Cut the bottom loops to create a fringe.

Step five:

Repeat as many times as necessary for your desired look!

Step six:

Hot glue to your paper in the shape of a tree, add your trunk (stick) and any other decor to dress it up!

Optional step seven:

Pop it in a frame, I removed the glass so it gave the picture a better 3D element and texture!

Hang up and enjoy! Gift to your neighbor, family or friends!

Hope this little DIY was easy and simple to follow along and brought you joy!

Merry Christmas




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