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Another Word Tile!

When I had the opportunity to design a space that was an old home being turned into a salon I was so excited! My wheels were spinning and my design took off. My client was looking for an all around experience when her guests visit the salon and to me that includes the bathroom as well! Which easily became one of my favorite parts of the entire design, it was a space to be bold, creative and provide an experience!

Here is my design:

I proposed this to my client and she loved it.. including the best part, the tile! This provides an opportunity for snapping a photo or two and sharing it on social media. Sure its a bathroom in a salon but every detail counts especially when you have a design that makes you stand out.

So, since Brandon and I had already laid our word tile and knew how to do it, we stepped in to help out and install the tile in the salon bathroom.

Here is a before photo of the bathroom.. its a great space just begging for love and personality.

So just like the last word tile we did I needed to figure out how to lay out the words, the sizing and adjust it if needed before popping out the white tiles

Once we did a dry fit in the bathroom I went ahead and laid out my tile sheets and popped out the white tiles

Once the floor was prepped with concrete board and mortar it was time to lay the tile! Once we got to the words you have to work quickly to press in (gently) the black tiles!

So excited about how this was turning out! Even without the grout it is such a fun tile perfect for a salon!

And here is the after!

This space was so much fun to design and it came together so well. It has already been such a hit in the salon, a space people want to take selfies and share on social. A sweet reminder that you are beautiful *

A big thank you to Ali Butler with Collective Beauty in Granville, OH for the wonderful opportunity to help design such a special space! Here is to much success and beautiful years ahead!




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