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a week in photos | THE WAITING GAME

With one week left until baby is 100% due I am feeling so ready for his arrival. They aren't kidding when they say the last month is the longest. Here is my week in photos and the things that are getting me through this time of waiting and enjoying this last bit of belly . . .

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Sipping on Red Raspberry Leaf Tea, hoping it is helping move things along

Enjoying these spirea branches I cut from my neighbors bush.

I love being able to create an unruly arrangement from foraging bush or tree branches. It is free and it looks so raw and organic which just adds a completely different vibe to the space as opposed to a very uniform floral arrangement can sometimes feel uptight.

Sleeping in, in our new bedding

I took a chance on the Casa Luna bath towels and really fell in love with them and how they washed up so I figured when I was on the hunt for a new duvet cover I should try their bedding line and I am not disappointed. I love the linen and the lived in look it provides. It has ties in all the corners to hold in my comforter and it has such great weight to it that it doesnt slide down in your sleep. Plus, how dreamy is this color with our rug?!

These pants from Old Navy and this jacket I found in the Target sale section.

I love perusing the sale section and it is always such a score when you land something great for half the original price! I know we are moving into warmer days so this jacket is only great for a bit longer but the color was amazing and I know I will love it come fall as well.

10/10 for these pants as well. They are light weight and I love the look of this tie dye, some of them are not for me but this one I really enjoy. I think these pants will also be perfect postpartum.

My spring scent

With every season I change up my perfume. Smell is a memory trigger so I really enjoy when I pull out my seasonal scent. It opens my memory to last spring and the wonderful moments I had. I know next spring when I wear this I will be reminded of this sweet time in waiting and the arrival of our son.

This sweet photo I recreated of my mom

This past Sunday was Mother's Day and now that I am fortunate enough to become a mom I have a better understanding of love and I thank my mom for teaching me that. The photo of her was on 12/9/92 only 5 days before she had me. I snapped my photo 5/9/21 only 9 days away from hopefully having our son. I'd say if my hair was darker, we would be twins!

Lastly a few random snaps..

My newest nightstand addition, this marble and glass compote I found during the Granville Barn hop. It is such a cute way of holding my everyday jewelry.

The park path we like to walk is in full bloom and I am busy trying to walk this baby out and get to enjoy these spring wildflowers all at the same time!

Update on #projectongibson the painters have painted and we are moving on to the next step, flooring!

What a beautiful week it has been! Cheers to another spring week, may it be filled with lots of love and many blooms in life!



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