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a week in photos | PARTY OF 3

This dump of photos looks a lot different than the last. A little extra special love is sprinkled into most of these photos and I am so happy about it. My camera roll has been very full as of late .. all I do is take photos because I never want to miss these moments.

Currently listening to this playlist

Sipping on water.. more like chugging out of my hospital cup still!

Snacking on these protein bites

Peony season, it has come and gone too quickly

Enjoyed having giant fresh bouquets in every single room. I love the fragrance they give off and the pillowy full blooms. If only they lasted all year long!

The floors have been installed and let me tell you, these are so good! They are durable and you cannot beat the price. Here is the link!

When life gives you strawberries...

Make strawberry ice cream! For Father's Day I got Brandon an ice cream maker (he has been wanting for a while!) and the first ice cream we made was with these fresh strawberries. It was so good! We have so many flavors we want to try out! Speaking of Father's Day.. we made his dad's favorite ice cream, banana, and made our own custom labels to give as a gift! Here are the disposable containers, they are the perfect personal size (think ben and jerry style size). I made the labels on Canva and printed them on label sticker paper!

Soaking up all the baby snuggles and sunshine!

The weather has been hot but there has been a few mornings and evenings we are able to spend on the front porch rocking and loving on this sweet boy.

This ring!

Brandon surprised me with this sweet ring from GLDN It is the slim signet ring with a C on it for Callan. I love that I can add more and stack with each kiddo we have. Just a sweet little something I can wear everyday that is completely timeless!

A few photos we snapped that I will cherish forever!

We are drowning in baby love over here, lack of sleep but a lot of love! These days are long but oh so sweet, a time I will always cherish! We are moving into a new season, summer, with a new outlook on life and very full hearts.




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