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a week in photos | A SWEETLY SLOW SUMMER

As we have settled into the long sun drenched summer days I have a new appreciation for slowing down and enjoying these moments.

Ive been working on truly elevating everyday.

Taking each day as it is.

Starting my morning with gratitude and prayer really elevates my day to begin with. I get up and move my body, enjoy nature and how it feeds my soul.

As much as I enjoy my work online it has been so important for me to shut it down and do work with my hands. Whether that be gardening, cooking, painting... just getting creative and a bit messy.

We have been trying to enjoy being outside as much as possible

Picnics by the pool

I have been loving baby wearing and this Solly baby wrap!

We are in contract! We didn't even have to list the property which made this process and finishing up really smooth. We are almost done which means I will post about the entire thing soon!

More baby wearing and park walks!

Slow Saturday mornings

We had a photoshoot at our house for the Holiday Winter Collection for R.Riveter Handbags!

I finally started in on the playroom project!

Starting with these stripes! I decided to do horizontal and vertical! The Vertical stripes wrap two walls with only 14 gray stripes - I chose this to hide a sentimental element in the design. The 14th is our anniversary so I left it at that.

I clipped some babys breath from our backyard, I love how organic it looks!

We finally started in on our backyard project - starting with digging out these checkers for a unique patio space!

aaannnndddd finally...

I worked on this watercolor mural for the playroom. I love how this project had no rhyme or reason and I could just get creative with it. It is definitely different and a lot of fun for this space, now to merge the stripes and mural together for a really unique playroom!

As much as I have sloooowed down to enjoy these days I have also been very motivated to create and get back to designing! It's all about balance and that is something I have been finding to be very sweet.

enjoy your summer sweet friends.




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