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a new season | SUMMER

live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink in the wild air

The time has come to welcome a new season, summer. From June 20 through September 22 we celebrate 91 days of summer. This season is full of long sun drenched days, messy wind blown hair, tan lines and bbq's. A whole lot of country music, cold beer and ice cream runs. Late front porch sitting, top off the jeep driving and mid day dips in the pool. Summer, you are one of my favorites. Full of adventure, this is where life happens!

This is my first "a new season" post of the series, seasons. Read about seasons here.

So here is your little inspo guide to Summer and how to really embrace this season for what it is and all that it offers!

I encourage you to make your own summer "to do" list full of fun summer activities! Here is just a small glimpse into some of the things we hope to do in the next 91 days!

Currently listening to my country playlist

These sunglasses are perfect for summer because they are affordable and polarized.

Smell is the #1 trigger to memory and like I talked about in my post here, I switch up my perfume with the seasons. Summer welcomes Acqua di Gioia, this scent just reminds me of summer and sets me into summer mode and gears up my memory for all that I love about summer!

This hat is what I always grab when we take jeep rides with the top off and when I am laying out by the pool. Its classic and affordable.

I am a total denim short girl all summer long so to have a tried and true is important for me, I love how these fit over my new mom belly and how they are still long enough to cover my bum.

Ok this book, if you havent already heard about the Netflix movie coming out about it, watch the trailer! And then do yourself a favor and pick up the book and read it next time you are poolside. I love having a good summer book and this one doesnt disappoint. Another book I love which I read last summer was Where the Crawdads Sing.. I also heard a movie was coming out about that too and I am anxiously awaiting that!

This purse has become my go to favorite! It is small yet big enough to hold my essentials, I love the skinny strap and being able to wear it cross body. The print is perfect for summer!

One of my favorite red wines is the Cloudline Pinot Noir and they just recently came out with their Rosé and I love it! I haven't been able to find it at Kroger yet but if you are local take a drive to 1837 Wine & Spirits Emporium in New Albany, they have an amazing selection.

Here are a few of my favorite summer go - to recipes. I have so many more new recipes I want to try and will add to the cookbook if they are winners!

A few of my favorite things about summer are...

- dining al fresco

- farmers markets

- evening swims

- post sun naps

- driving with the doors off the jeep

- bare feet

- cookouts

- thunderstorms

- ice cream

- sunsets

- front porch rocking with the string lights on

- tan lines

Summer, I love you. Here is to a new season, 91 days of fun, sunshine and adventure! I hope you also have a great season full of fun and new memories!




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