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7.21 elevating the everyday

may your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears


I cannot believe we have made it half way through 2021. I also still cannot believe I am a mom. What a beautiful half of a year it has been. One of my favorite things to do is take time to really reflect, reflect on the last 6 months and where I am in this very moment. I opened my computer today and my inbox dinged with a new email from myself. Every once in a while I send myself emails and I always do for the half way point of the year so I can check in on what I have or have not accomplished in my life and goals. I use to send myself emails to my inbox for the future. This really helps keep me on track and push me to do better. It is so important you take a moment to evaluate yourself. Are you happy? Are accomplishing your goals? Hence this months quote,

may your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears

I am letting that be my motto for this next letter I write myself to set the tone of the last half of 2021. I want all of my choices to be centered in God and to be of hope, not allow my fear to take control. Fear keeps you stagnate, hope allows you to grow. I always want to be growing, not only for myself but for my husband and son and for the reason I am here on this earth, to help others.

Things to celebrate this month:

4 Independence Day

Just for fun:

6 National Fried Chicken Day

14 National Mac + Cheese Day

18 National Ice Cream Day

*ok a big LOL at the "just for fun" celebrations this month because you know.. it is still swim suit season!

Now that we have settled into a routine for this month milestone with Callan I feel a bit more ambitious to get back to myself. I now am cleared to work out again, my time for "maternity" leave is up and I have settled into this motherhood role pretty comfortably. Which feels great because ironically this is the month I typically check in with myself and shift for the rest of the year. My July agenda is a bit more intense than the last but with each month I am still giving myself an abundant amount of grace when it comes to actually accomplishing these things. I am enjoying these slow summer days still and keeping a perspective of this time I will not get back. Prioritizing my agenda is important for me to continue to be mentally healthy and show up for my husband and son! So here is what is on my July agenda..

- slowly get back to work and figure out what that looks like

- celebrate the fourth with a big pool party

- make fried chicken

- use Brandon's Father's Day gift and make ice cream for family and friends!

- plan + schedule vacation

- prep for the months ahead / I like to take each month and really set myself up for success by brainstorming plans and ideas!

- check in with myself, write a letter for the last half of the year, set new goals

- officially list Gibson

- christmas photoshoot at our house

- finish the office/ playroom makeover *potential DIY project*

- get a start on the exterior plans in preparation for a fall wedding we are hosting!

*some goals I am setting for myself -

- be able to get back to running, even if its slow and short

- rebrand and really figure out career moves

- practice morning gratitude

- chisel out time for me

Inspo for the month

With the most breathtaking golden hours the year has, I am feeling so inspired by these warm tones. I am also completely yearning to get to the beach and sink my toes in the sand and ocean foam. Til then, I am here in Ohio soaking up the sweet coo's of my month old baby dreaming about his first trip to the beach!

Food for thought: these are the days you used to pray about. They are here now, live it, enjoy it, even amongst the chaos!




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